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      Installation of CCTV consists of several stages. First, our specialists will   design   a video surveillance system project. It constitutes a site plan with the subsequent calculation of surveillance points. For this purpose our technician must to visit your site. You can apply for a free visit of expert by phone or email.


     Following the development and coordination of surveillance system plan, the company's experts will select the surveillance camera suitable for the conditions and specifics of the desired object. Work on installation of the system can take from several days to several months, so CCTV installation cost is always determined in each case individually, and is calculated from the cost of the equipment and the cost of work on the design and installation of the entire system. Video Surveillance  - one of the most effective ways to 24/7 security control.

      Installation of  Intruder  Alarm systems is carried out in several stages, each step requires experienced technician and special knowledge and skills. At the preparatory stage, our specialists will examine the object and make a list of potential threats in considering ways to prevent them. Our  visit  are free of charge . You can apply for a free visit of expert by phone or email.

     After we determine the list of necessary system hardware,d epending on what type(Hardwired alarm systems, Wireless alarm systems ,Hybrid alarm systems combining both hardwired and wireless devices) and security grade ( for British Standard purposes, all intruder alarm systems are defined by one of four security grades, the grading dependent upon the risk level of the premises)  selected . Most commercial premises will require a Grade 2 or 3 system.


The majority of insurance companies require a Grade 3 system where the system is a requirement of insurance cover. Of course GRB Intelligent Security & Automation Ltd will take into account the customer's requirements. Intruder alarms are the most common form of security systems. Their popularity is indicative of their effectiveness as both a deterrent and preventative measure against intrusion.



   Today access control systems (abbreviated ACS) and monitoring systems are an integral part of any modern company offices, as well as air conditioning, for example, or electronic accounting and document management systems. In addition, ACS is an integral part of the overall security system. And it is absolutely reasonable .


   After all, such a system allows you to monitor all incoming and outgoing people from the building thereby greatly limiting the possibility of intrusion, that helps to ensure the safety of not only wealth but also increases the safety of personnel. In addition to this function, access control allows you to distinguish between employees and visitors access to various premises, and the installation of security systems at access  points  allow  companies  to automate the checkpoint or pass office except the so-called human factor. GRB   Intelligent   Security & Automation Ltd can provide Access control range from card/proximity access systems to biometrics for your house or company.

    Fire alarm - a complex of technical devices intended for the early warning, detection and blocking of fires  through visual and audio appliances when smoke, fire, carbon monoxide or other emergencies are present .Fire alarm does not prevent fire extinguishing direct, its main task is to detect a fire at an early stage and the notification about it.


Properly designed and installed the fire alarm system can save your life and  your property in case of fire. System will detect the location of the fire danger, as well system can automatically turn on the fire alarm, activate the fire-extinguishing device and  transmit a signal to the central control of fire protection .


GRB Intelligent Security & Automation Ltd can design and install from a simple one zone system to multiple zone addressable systems using modern smoke & heat detection devices and manual operated call points, Fire alarm systems can  be  in the private houses and apartments(at least smoke alarms), and should be in the offices and industrial premises. Remember - Safety  First !




    GRB ISA Ltd offers simple and optimal solutions that are designed to improve the comfort of your home. Our equipment is ideal for both, new construction and for any kind of reconstruction. To automate the gate you do not need expensive design and construction work.

Modern equipment is almost silent. It provides a rapid opening and closing of the gate, is suitable for use in various environments with the necessary degree of intensity. Long service life, ease of installation and maintenance make the automatics for gates indispensable attribute of everyday comfort. The possibility of opening the gate automatically when the vehicle is approaching, by remote control, telephone, as well as with other security systems such as access control point and intercoms.


    Our experts will select the most appropriate automation and drive, depending on your requirements and the type of gates - sliding, swing , sectional.


We provide not only manufacturer guarantee  to installed components, but also a guarantee for the installation of the entire system at least one year.




    Under data networks to understand the totality of the finite communication devices, united by data channels and switching devices (network nodes) that provide messaging between all endpoints.


Our services:


- Unique solutions and standard development, deployment, data transmission systems "turnkey".

- Design, implementation and support of information of the customer structure,

system testing, certification to a category.

-Delivery, installation, testing and adjustment of the active and other network equipment.

- LAN maintenance and technical support.

- Supply and installation of equipment for wireless access and transmission of data over the air(WIFI).

-Design and development of multi-service systems.

-Design and installation of the Server Racks.





     GRB Inelligent Security & Automation Ltd performs the installation of the internal power supply systems.

Replace the wiring in an apartment or produce electrical work from scratch in a country house, all the work necessary to perform professionally, as from this depends on the security of client and his comfort. In our work we use only certified cable products and proven automation and accessories. Full range of services from design to hardware installation.


 Types of jobs:


-Building of switchboards(fuse boards).

-Installing the MCB and the RCD.

-Setting voltage relay.

-Cabling according the latest wiring regulations.

-Installation of  Enclosures and Accessories.

-Installation of Lighting  fixtures, chandeliers, etc.

-Mounting of underfloor heating.

-Central Heating Wiring.

-Connecting electric boilers.

-Installation of voltage regulators ,invertors, and others.


  All our works conducted  in accordance  with Wiring Regulations  BS 7671:2008(Amendment 3:2015), and after completion of the works NICEIC Electrical Certificate will be issued.



    Smart House ( digital home) - An automated residential house of modern type, organized for the convenience of people living with the help of high-tech devices. The term "smart home" is to be understood as a system that should be able to recognize specific situations occurring in the building, and appropriately respond to them: one of the systems can control the behaviour  of others in advance worked out algorithms. The main feature of the intelligent building is to combine the individual subsystems into a single manageable complex.


An important feature of the property and the "Smart House" is different from other ways of living space organization is that it is the most progressive concept of human interaction with the living space when a person with a single command sets the desired setting, and have equipment in accordance with the external and internal conditions are set and monitors operating conditions of all engineering systems and appliances. In this case, eliminating the need to use multiple remotes while watching TV, dozens of switches for lighting, individual blocks in the management of ventilation and heating systems, video surveillance and alarm systems, gates, and other things.


The house is equipped with a system of "smart house" is enough one click on the wall button (or remote control, touch panel, and so on.) to select one of the scenarios. The house itself will configure the operation of all systems in accordance with your wishes, the time of day, your position in the house, weather, ambient light, and so on, to provide the comfort inside the house.


 Brief information about the system "smart house".


1. Managing of engineering systems.


- Water supply


- Climate control


- Fire safety


 2. Lighting control.


- By movement sensor


- Scenario control


- By timers


- Scenario  lighting


 3. Security.


- Penetration control


- Perimeter control


- Imitation of the presence of people


- Imitation of the presence of animals


- Alarm button


- Alarm System




- Access Control Systems


 4. Control of the building.


- remote controller


- remote control


- computer


- internet


- mobile phone



How does the "smart home"?


Communication with the main module of the system "smart house" is performed by means of actuators, such as: remote control, palm, cell phone or computer. So with just one device, you can control all of your home life support.


 Multiple sensors transmit all the information about the state of the system at the main house of a control unit that has the ability to change the set parameters of intelligent building, depending on external conditions. In addition, each emergency is processed instantly without human intervention. Thus, the "smart home" feel  and  analyze  what is happening inside and outside the building, and responds accordingly.


 Relationship of the  building systems is particularly important in emergency situations. For example, when the signal about a fire in the "smart house" is given several commands that are executed at the same time - at the emergency site ventilation and the power supply is switched off , the elevator descends to the ground floor, opens and shut off, emergency and evacuation lighting, fire fighting system of the building-start up.


 Integration of security systems allows you to run a chain of actions related to unauthorized penetration into the building. At the same time tenants have the ability to program the alarm system in the apartment at will, for example, full protection in the absence of people in the apartment, partial - in the presence of children or animals in the room.


 Another undoubted advantage of smart home - energy savings. For example, it is convenient if the night light is switched on by sensors that respond to movement on or off in the absence of "activity" in the room, it is also important to note the interaction of heating and air conditioning systems, to avoid conflicting actions.


 If we talk about installing systems in the apartment, the technology of "smart home" allows you to combine all household, audio and video equipment, various security systems, heating, lighting and air-conditioning into a single network. And you can control your home via the Internet remotely.



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